StraightCurve Edging

StraightCurve is a faster and easier way to create straight or curved edging.

Edging keeps your garden neat and enhances the look you’ve worked hard to create. But to create a lawn barrier, tree ring, or define your stone path can be tough.

It’s fidgety getting the curves exactly right. It’s frustrating, keeping straight lines straight. It takes more skill than you’d ever expect. It takes so much more time than you can spare.

No wonder so many get a professional in - or just fudge it and hope for the best.

These frustrations are why StraightCurve Edging was created.


Who was StraightCurve Edging made for?

Landscapers who find steel edging tedious and slow because most other garden edging doesn’t deliver. They need to get the job done quickly - with a top notch finish their customers will love. They want their customers to feel they have received value for money for quality workmanship and durable, premium materials.

Home gardeners working on fun projects so their garden looks attractive and modern. They want to easily create different shapes and levels without a professional. And they want guests to come round and think their edging has been done by a professional - and will last.

Edging Applications

StraightCurve Edging can be used when you need:

  • Flower edge borders

  • Gravel path edging

  • Garden border edging

  • Landscape border

  • Tree borders


Rigid edging products (straight lines)


  • Small formal courtyard gardens

  • Designs with straight line

  • Keeping paths neat

Perfect for:

  • Lawn border

  • Divider between garden sections

  • Low feature beds

  • Lock in paving or compacted fill paths

Product descriptions and dimensions:

Hardline - Steel 100-150mm (PDF, 145KB): Included in set: 4 galvanised spikes, 300mm long Connector plate (pre-attached)

Box beds


  • Hidden fixings

  • Hard surfaces such as benches, tables, rooftop gardens or decking

  • Rectangular or square raised features

Perfect for:

  • Retaining walls

  • Raised feature beds

Product descriptions and dimensions:

Boxline Small Corner: Arm 1 x Arm 2 = 175 mm x 325 mm, Height: 200mm, Thickness: 1.6mm

Boxline Large Corner: Arm 1 x Arm 2 = 625 mm x 475 mm, Height: 200mm, Thickness: 1.6mm

Boxline Modular Box (Extender): Length: 900 mm, Height: 200mm, Thickness: 1.6mm


  • Sold as a set with connector plate (already attached) and fasteners.

  • Material options: Weathering steel / Galvanised steel

Curved edging products


  • Curved paths

  • Decorative stone areas

Perfect for:

  • Compacted stone and fake lawn edges

  • Edges for non-invasive grass lawns

  • Divider between garden sections

Product descriptions and dimensions:

Flexline 75mm (PDF, 101KB): Height: 75mm, Length: 2200mm & Foot Width: 50mm. Included in set: 3 galvanised spikes, 300mm long Connector plate (pre-attached). 

Flexline 100-150mm (PDF, 101KB): 100-150mm, Length: 2200mm & Thickness: 1.6mm. Included in set: 3 steel spikes Connector plate (pre-attached). 

Flexline 240mm (PDF, 253KB): Height: 240mm, Length: 2160mm & Thickness: 2mm. Included in set: 2 posts, 2 edge fix lips, 3 galvanised twisted nails (300mm), 1 edge join plate, 1 edge join set.

Flexline 400mm (PDF, 109KB): Height: 400mm, Length: 2160mm & Thickness: 2mm. Included in set: 5 galvanised twisted nails (300mm), 1 edge join plate, 1 edge join set.

Flexline 560mm (PDF, 289KB): Height: 560mm, Length: 2160mm & Thickness: 2mm. Included in set: 5 galvanised twisted nails (300mm), 1 edge join plate, 1 edge join set.

Material options:

  • Weathering steel

  • Galvanised steel

Set inclusions

For a visual of what the sets include, download: StraightCurve Sets Composition (PDF, 808KB)

A simple way to create precise and beautiful edging

Bring to life unusual garden edging ideas

You’ll love how easy it is to create curved or rigid straight lines with many different shapes and levels to suit even the most unusual garden project. 

Curved edging: easily shape your garden bu creating smoother curves from flexible material that doesn’t bend, and won’t give you frustrating kinks.

Straight edging: achieve rigid hard lines, giving you perfect straights without having to continually adjust.

Everything included

All the fixing pins and accessories are included in the price of the edging lengths. So there’s no need to figure out what size pins you need. And you’ll never leave any extras behind.

No tradies needed

Now you can explore garden possibilities you hadn’t considered because you thought it’d be take too long, be too stressful - and you wanted to avoid hiring a tradie. Now it’s easy and affordable to transform your garden into the unique, appealing oasis you’ve dreamed of.

Easy DIY installation

You’ll find the job surprisingly simple with fixed connector plates, guide holes and lock in pegs. That’s because StraightCurve Edging was designed for minimal tools and  expertise. No clamping, drilling, or welding needed.

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Join edges together first
Step 2: Position carefully
Step 3: Fix into place

Yes it’s really that easy. With intuitive step-by-step instructions and parts that actually align, you’ll get it done much quicker than any edging you’ve ever done. 

Long lasting

StraightCurve Edging is available in galvanized or weathering steel (Corten) steel. Weathering steel is a special alloy that develops an attractive 'rust' finish, but remains durable for years.

The steel has been put through laboratory and field trials since it was manufactured in 1960s, in many different applications. It’s been designed to withstand Australia’s unique weather conditions. What’s more, it’s attractive as well as being strong and longer lasting.

Watch how easily you can create curved edging

Check out the StraightCurve Edge installation videos to see just how easy it is to bring your garden design ideas to life:


Tall Steel Tree Ring

Edging Flexibility

Lawn Edging


Does the heat of the steel impact on plant roots (or plant itself) in summer?

Heat dissipates quickly in soil and roots will avoid the first 10mm of soil as it gets warm. Plants grow over the top edge of the steel which provides shade - so it prevents it from heating up. This would be more of a problem if tiny seedlings lean on the edge. 

Theoretically, it’s possible for roots to grow against - and along - the steel in summer which may kill them. However steel planters have been around for years and we haven’t heard or seen of plants dying from this in Australia.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. All StraightCurve edging products come with a 10 year warranty.

How long does the steel last?

Around 35 years or less if installed closer to the sea.

Can we control the look of the weathering steel?

Yes. It will continue to rust unless you seal it. So once the weathering steel has a coating of rust, you can use a sealer such as Porters Instead Rust Sealer or a blanc car lacquer.

It will help you keep the look of the rust rather than letting the colour deepen. It contains iron for the rust effect. 

StraightCurve Edging

  • Australian-designed product

  • 10 year warranty

  • Sets sold with required parts

  • Long lasting galvanized or weathered steel options

The grass can be greener on 'your' side of the fence.

A great lawn (Synthetic or Organic) with our one stop landscaping service will make your home the envy of your street.