Southern Hydroseeding


Hydroseeding a new lawn is an extremely fast and cost effective way to establish your new lawn. With this process the seed, fertilizer, lime and a cellulose fibre mulch are mixed with water and hydraulically sprayed onto a prepared soil surface. We service VIC, SA & southern NSW.

Commercial / Industrial Applications of Hydroseedings

Hydroseeding is ideal for commercial applications, providing fast and cost effective revegetation of industrial sites and erosion control of roadside works. Hydroseeding can provide a cost effective method as opposed to using jute matting or blanket methods. Products such as posi-shell can be just as effective.

Materials Used:

Applications vary according to the specific purpose. An assortment of mulches including cellulose fibre, wood fibre, hemp fibre and sugar cane straw mulch are used for seed protection and germination. Use of polymer binders such as Terra Control© can also be used to aid topsoil consolidation, erosion protection, seed protection and dust control.

Larger companies that we have completed works for include both Roche and Iluka Mining, CSIRO, Goulburn Murray Water, Vic Roads, as well as hydroseeding of large dams for Bonlac milk, and Nestles milk.

We have hydroseeded various sporting fields including bowling greens, football grounds, and golf clubs.

Our clients

Bonlac csiro gmwater iluka nestle roche vicroad

Hydroseeding Applications

  • Freeway Batters

  • Sporting Fields - Golf courses, Tennis Courts, Bowling Green, Cricket Pitches.

  • Athletic Stadiums.

  • Parks

  • School surrounds

  • Sand Dune Stabilisation

  • Quarries and Mines

  • Factory gardens

  • Residential Lawns

  • Shopping Centres.

  • Nature Strips

Benefits of Hydroseeding

  • Low Cost

  • Fast and efficient application.

  • Higher percentage of germination

  • Reduced wind and water erosion

  • Ideal on steep slopes

  • Quarries and Mines

  • Rapid seed growth

  • Dust suppression

Maintenance service

If you would like us to regularly maintain your commercial / industrial lawn, please contact us.

How many varieties of grass are available?

Customised Blend for your requirements

  • Oval Mix.

  • Drought tolerant seed mixes.

  • Sun and shade blend.

  • Low water blend (kikuyu couch).

  • Tall Fescue.

  • Sports field mixes.

  • Native Grass Blend

Optional Additives

  • Terra Control© tackifier for soil stabilization.

  • Water saving crystals.

  • Specialized fertilizers.

  • Gypsum.

  • Lime.

What to expect

  • Delivery on time

  • Economical

  • Fast and efficient application

Areas We Service

  • Warrnambool

  • Portland

  • Hamilton  

  • Camperdown

  • Colac

  • Ballarat  

Across all of Victoria, South Australia (SA) and New South Wales (NSW)

Residential Hydroseeding Lawns

Hydroseeding is perfect for establishing your new lawn. The even distribution of fertiliser and seed and the rapid growth encouraged by mulch will have your garden looking lush in no time! We have seed mixes to suit all types of areas or climates. If you want a particular seed mix we can make it for you.

Wind and rain won't blow or wash it away!

Before establishing your new lawn the area must be prepared. Any existing grasses are killed and removed, rocks and debris are cleared away and the site is levelled.

Installing a sprinkler system at this stage is highly recommended. We can help you choose an appropriate system and install it for you. The area is then hydroseeded using the lawn blend of your choice.

The next fourteen days are important. Follow the instructions below and before long your new lawn will be looking great!

To get the best out of your new lawn

  • Give your newly seeded lawn a light watering three times a day. You can find a Watering Schedule here (pdf) to help you keep to a consistent watering program.

  • After week two, water once each day in the morning only.

  • When the grass blades are 10cm tall you can mow your lawn.

  • Only remove the top 3cm for the first few cuttings.

  • Do not cut the lawn below 5cm tall during summer to avoid burn-off.

  • Fertiliser has been spread with the hydroseeding mix so no further fertiliser should be needed until your lawn is about five weeks old.

  • Refertilise the lawn if you notice any discolouration. This may be required as early as 4 weeks after germination, depending on the quality of the soil.

Hydroseeding Articles

The hydroseeding process

Hydroseeding is a process which uses a special pump to spread a carefully selected blend of seed, fertilizer, mulch and water in one application. The seed is given the opportunity to germinate and grow as the added mulch fibers preserve water to keep the seed moist, prevent wind and soil erosion and maintains a constant soil temperature.

Materials used:

Applications can vary according to your specific requirements:

  • The seed mix can be specifically blended to match each customer’s specific requirements. We can advise on an appropriate seed blend to suit your soil type, climate and end requirements.

  • An assortment of mulches including cellulose fibre, wood fibre, hemp fibre and sugar cane straw mulch are used for seed protection and germination.

  • Use of polymer binders such as Terra Control© can also be used to aid topsoil consolidation, erosion protection, seed protection and dust control.

  • Water-saving crystals can be added to reduce water usage and keep moisture around the grass root system

Watch how Bermuda Grass is hydroseeded...

Grass Varieties

  • Customised Blend for your requirements.

  • Oval Mix

  • Drought tolerant seed mixes

  • Low water blend (kikuyu couch)

  • Tall Fescue

  • Sports field mixes

  • Customised Blend for your requirements.

Optional Additives

  • Terra Control© tackifier for soil stabilisation

  • Water saving crystals

  • Specialised fertilizers

  • Gypsum

  • Lime

Lanscaping Services

We transform messy or barren gardens into an outdoor space you will love for entertaining, relaxing, and for the kids to play in.

Our professional landscaping service includes consultation, design and build. A maintenance service is also available if needed. We can help with paving, lawns, decking, garden lighting, irrigation, retaining walls, and more.

Contact us to transform your garden from blah to beautiful.

The grass can be greener on 'your' side of the fence.

A great lawn (Synthetic or Organic) with our one stop landscaping service will make your home the envy of your street.